Home – a story (part 2 of the previous post) contd.

“what happens now?”, i asked, relaxing in his arms.
“whatever you want.” he answered kissing my forehead. “you know, i need time, time to think.”

we stayed there in each other’s arms, inhaling each other’s scent until the my phone buzzed. “shoot! i’ve a presentation to complete”, i exclaimed as realisation dawned upon me. “what presentation?” he asked. I narrated him and he offered to help, just like the old times. after two hours, my boss called asking me asking to report early. I agreed, even though, I was reluctant. not because of my presentation, but because i’d be leaving him. my presentation was almost complete, thanks to him but i didn’t want him to leave. “can i drop you?” he asked. I nodded and smiled sheepishly. The ride was silent which i found oddly comforting “what time shall i pick you up?” he asked as we reached my destination. “no need to do that, i’m gonna take a cab or something, you go do your work, handle your company!”
“buttercup, i’m the ceo of my company, nobody would care if i am not there!”
“stop bragging”, i spoke rolling my eyes, ignoring the butterflies in my stomach when he used the word ‘buttercup’.

“i will come on my own, mister, you go, do your work.” i replied. as i was entering the office, his voice came from behind, “best of luck, my buttercup, don’t miss me too much!” i rolled my eyes and continued walking, fearing, that he may see my face, as it looked like a tomato. after two hours, me and my boss entered the meeting room, to see representatives of other companies waiting. we quickly took our chairs and i asked her, “who’s the person arriving and why is she/he important?”
“you don’t need to know that, just know he is very important and i hope you won’t be making any mistake, while presenting!” she told me shushing me. a few important looking people entered the room and my jaw dropped as i saw the man in the middle. he was here! what was he doing here? also, he looked drop dead gorgeous in a suit. as if he saw me staring, he looked at me, and winked. that idiot! my presentation went smoothly and i answered the questions quite confidently, surprisingly, i didn’t stutter.

after the meeting got over, my boss smiled for a second at me, i internally danced as she rarely ever showed an emotion. then, i saw him looking at me, smiling, showing off his gorgeous dimples. i internally drooled. my mind instructed me not to act like this so i kept my face straight, trying to ignore him, as much as i could. “you did brilliant in there!”, he spoke, as i went outside.
“i know i did and why didn’t you care to tell me that we were presenting to woo over your company!” i asked rubbing my arm. “if i’d have told you, then how would i have seen that shocked look?!” he spoke putting a hand on my back. my cheeks flushed up, at this gesture. “do you still need a ride, back, buttercup?” he asked. i opened my mouth to reply but he cut me, “i made reservations at your favorite thai restaurant for both of us today. no arguments.” my face became more flushed as i realised that he still remembers my favorite cuisine. i nodded and kissed him on the cheek. i don’t know why i did that but what i know is that, next time, it’s not gonna be on the cheek. @enchantingnachokitten

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Home. -a short story

we met today after three months in a cafe with a cup of coffee in our hands. after a brief talk, we parted our ways with an awkward hug, promising to catch up again soon. while coming back home, my mobile tinged notifying that i had a new message. “i had a lovely time, today.” i replied with a monosyllable, “same”, even though we didn’t. another message came and my mind instructed me to ignore it. late at night, i thought of replying. “you have changed a lot”, i read his message aloud. scoffing, i replied back, “really?! how?!” the reply came instant that said, “it took you long enough to reply.” i read it twice thinking what to reply but another message came that said, “everything has changed and you know it.” my mind told me to switch off the phone and prepare for the presentation tomorrow at work, but my heart won this time and told me to reply, so i did. “yeah, i know, everything has, but then what do you expect from people who were best friends since high school, who started dating a year ago and call quits to both their friendship and relationship over a simple misunderstanding, and suddenly after freaking three months of ignorance, i get a message, ‘we should catch up!’ what do you expect? you tell me! sorry to burst your bubble, but yes, everything has changed.” after a good five minutes, the reply came, “i’m sorry.” i went blank and then my fingers typed furiously, “sorry for what? sorry for ruining our friendship or our relationship? sorry for not knowing what you wanted or for not listening me? sorry for messaging me yesterday after a good three months, or for toying with my feelings? sorry for that awkward meet today or for that hug? sorry for what?” my eyes watered as i typed. i wanted to write more but i was tired. “can i call?” before i could reply, my phone buzzed. i sighed and wiped my tears and there his melodious voice answered, “hey.” “oh my, are you crying?” he answered immediately. “i’m coming over in five.” before i could say anything, he hung up. damn. i shut my laptop, which reminded me of my incomplete presentation and rushed towards the mirror. my dull chocolate brown eyes stared back at me with my wet hair in a messy bun. the bell rang. he said five minutes,why is he so early? i rushed towards the main door and looked into the peep hole. he was indeed here. ‘don’t cry.’ ‘don’t cry.’ i chanted in my head and opened the door.
“hi”. “can i come in?” he asked. “i don’t think so, i don’t trust you anymore”, my voice answered. “you don’t trust me or you don’t trust yourself?” , he asked with amusement dancing in his eyes. i opened my mouth to reply but no retort came out. “let’s go for a walk, then?” he offered. i nodded and locked my apartment. “you’re going in your hello kitty pajamas?”, he asked. “what’s wrong in that, it’s eleven at night!” i answered, unwrapping my chocolate. “you haven’t changed a bit!” he spoke after a pregnant pause.
“that’s not, what you said, earlier today!”, i replied finishing my chocolate. we walked in silence when he stopped at a bench. after a good five minutes, i spoke something which my mind was stopping me to, “i missed you!”. “i missed us”, he replied and there, i saw a tear slipping down his right eye. “mister, are you crying?”
“are you kidding me, no!”
“you can’t fool me, and you know that!”
“i know.”
and there his arms wrapped around my waist.
i don’t exactly remember how long we sat there, but what i know is that, after a long time, i felt home.

and i find home in pizza, lmao, wish you and your family a very happy new year, posting something after a long time, i hope y’all enjoyed, love to all the readers. :’)

Love your Mother

wrapping myself in the fluffy blanket with my shivering hands, the room smells that of marshmallows, wanting me to get out of the bed and see what else is being roasted. i switch on my laptop to watch another episode only to see the wifi connection poor, i shut it down angrily to be called by my mother. tired of nothing and everything, i force myself to get out of the bed, only after wrapping the blanket again on myself, i reach the kitchen only to see my cousins fighting over the last piece of chocolate. jaded, that the chocolates and marshmallows both are finished, i retire back to my room, only to called by mother again, removing the blanket again, i angrily went to her and shouted, “what do you want, can’t a child sleep in peace?” and left the room. she came to my room, seeing me laughing at some meme, and there i switched off my phone, guiltily. i kept it to my left and wrapped myself in the blanket only to see my mother removing the lid which had both chocolates and marshmallows. i was ecstatic seeing that box, and pounced on it. “i know they are your favorite, so i saved some for you, before your brothers would have eaten”, ma answered. i hugged her with a guilt stricken face, only to realise that no matter what may happen in the world, mother will always be by the side, as your ray of both hope and sunshine.

Respect your mother, love her unconditionally, no matter what.

that’s me with my parents,😍


her name was Sarah, the golden girl of our school, the girl who everyone wanted to be friends with, the girl every guy crushed on. we were friends since our diaper days. we played together, we slayed together. one day, we were casually watching television when her arm brushed mine. i got chills on my body, and ignored that feeling. we’re both cuddled up, with my favorite black blanket when my naked leg touched hers. she looked at me and i did the same. i showed some courage and touched her lips with mine. we started making out, when my mom entered. she asked her to leave and i was grounded for a month. even though, i was not allowed to leave the house, we still met. we still met and decided to keep it a secret.time flied and high school was over. we graduated. i told my mother about Sarah. i confessed my love for her in front of my mum. my mother was against us, while her parents supported her decision. mum told me this was the age of experimenting, and it didn’t mean that i was a lesbian. she suggested me to date boys and sent me far away from Sarah, to a different college. we still remained in touch, but my mother had another story planned out. she married me to her best friend’s son. i was all against her decision. i rebelled and screamed, but before, i could run away, the deal was sealed in the church with a kiss, where we were pronounced husband and wife. today, is our wedding night, and i am planning to run away. Sarah is coming to pick me up and i can’t wait to start a new life with me and Sarah fighting for the transgender rights and changing the thinking of the people. It’s a difficult task but we know, nothing is impossible.@enchantingnachokitten


“knock knock.”
“who’s there?”
“death”, replied a very daunting voice making me shiver.
“death?” i questioned and realisation dawned upon me. i quickly ran towards my room and latched it as fast as i could. I heard the keys rattle down the hall and the main door opened with a jolt. my eyes were wide open, as i took a look at the god of death from the peephole. damn. with the gold chains rattling down his neck and eyes all bloodshot, he took a good look at the house, when i felt him coming towards my room, i double checked the latch and thought a way of escaping. tearing away, the curtains, i threw pebbles down the glass and ran away to the terrace with blood dripping from my skin. scared, i felt someone grab me from behind. there he was, laughing at my foolishness. he showed off his sharp deceitful talons and took hold of me. i tried to escape, but before i could, he tore me away from my body, making my soul fly in the sky and threw down my body to rot. my soul was free and he was happy, for he completed another task. “time of death, 11:42 am”, i heard someone speaking from the group that surrounded my previous body. my soul couldn’t bear losing another body, so it flew away, to see the god of death, free another soul. peace, at last, he spoke.

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The Untold Story Behind The Red Lipstick.

She works all day long,
Wearing a thong,
To see her daughter fly.

She smiles to get her, food,
Food, which she never knew existed, for she only knew how to satisfy other’s hunger.

She teases to give her, education,
Education, which she could never get, for she was only educated how to be a sex slave.

She dances to provide her, shelter,
Shelter, which she could never have, for she only had a room, decorated with flowers to please the men.

She strips to gift her, a future,
Future, which she could never have, but she could give one to her daughter.

She satisfies to bestow her, a life.
Life, which she could never have, but she feels she can provide one to her daughter.


I need to heal.

I need to reshape myself. I need to mend my-damaged-self. I need to love my self. I need to travel and discover new places. I need to stop thinking about my past. I need to smile a little more. I need to cry a little less. I need to laugh a little more. I need to spend some more time with my family. I need to love myself the way I want others to do. I need to watch the beauty of nature, the rustling of the leaves, the rise of the sun, the journey of a butterfly, the aroma of the flowers. I need to make some new memories with myself. I need to stop thinking that I need someone with me to be happy. I need to replace the darkness in my soul with a bright light. I need to promise that I’ll heal myself. I need to ignore the pain which is constantly churning in my body. I need to live my life. I need to love my life. I need to heal. I need to start over. I need to be me. I need to have faith. I need to breathe. I need to do my best.

I hung myself

Day 1
I see him, he sees me, hellos are exchanged.

Day 2
He calls me pretty and asks me on a date. I tell him no.

Day 3
He sees me again, drags me in a deserted alley. I say no. I scream no. I shout, but no one listens. His friends arrive, I resist, I ask them to leave me, but they left unconscious.

Day 4
I wake up naked, in a deserted alley, with my clothes all tattered. I cry, I call for help, no one does. I stand up, walk towards my home, facing the murmurs of the neighbours.

Day 5
I lay unconscious in my shower, from all the crying.

Day 10
I force my legs to move out of the house, only to feel disgusted by the male species there.

Day 15
I wake up to see my friend moving out for she can’t stay with a rape survivor.

Day 18
I force myself again to step out of the house. I cross the street, only to be haunted by their faces, only to feel their voices echo in my ears.

Day 20
I visit the police station. The investigation began. I showed them the bruises. But the police officer’s dirty looks made me return back.

Day 30
I start with my therapy sessions.

Day 65
I had a panic attack again, this evening, when a guy asked me out.

Day 70
I saw their faces again. In that alley. Under my leg. In my lips.

Day 120
I saved a girl today from being raped.

Day 200
I have started having nightmares, again.

Day 250
Today was my last therapy session.

Day 300
I plan to speak up.

Day 301
I visited the police station.

Day 305
They asked me why did I take so long? I had no answer.

Day 307
They came for questioning again. I narrated them the whole ordeal.

Day 309
They started investigating. I still get nightmares.

Day 320
They closed the case, for there was no evidence.

Day 321
I narrated it to my family members, no one believed me.

Day 365
I hung myself.

will i be missed?

Bruises on body,

Cuts on wrist,

Blood on arms,

Sweat on legs,

Anxiety in soul,

Fear in brain,

Pain in heart,

Tears in eyes,

Hate for self,

Hate for many.

For i wonder,

Will I be missed?


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