“Getting away from me, bitch, already?” snarled the old angry bastard. The thirteen year old whimpered. The sixty five year old moron pulled her by the hair and started sucking her face. “Help, help, Help”, she shouted. Tears came out from her bloodshot eyes, but her screams went in vain.  He punched her making the blood ooze out from her mouth. He slammed the door shut and suddenly her clothes were off. She kept pushing him away, begged, and cried not to touch her. The hungry old man, tired of her blubbering, thrashed the vase kept nearby on her face. He continued rubbing against her until he was satisfied. The thirteen year old had blood spurt from her mouth and head. Her lips were bruised, her genitals bled and that young lady was scarred for life. By the time he was contented, her body was filled with blood and sweat. Wearing the clothes, the fucktard left the room as if nothing happened and the girl cried and cried for help until she fainted. He not only took her innocence but also took her ability to act and react. He traumatized her, making her insane in a not-so insane world. When she woke up, she was no longer alive; she was just a living dead. She was unable to sleep, waking up in the midnight, badly affected by the nightmares. The man left her haunted with the thoughts. She was broke. She was damaged. She was no longer the jolly thirteen year old. -Khushi 💛

Also, happy thanksgiving guys, I love you all ❤ this is what I ate yesterday. 


One day 

She’s like a light in the darkness. She’s so addicting. so fucking addicting that her smile makes me smile. her laugh makes me laugh. Seeing her cry, makes me finish everything around her that made her so. seeing her sad, makes me mundane and dull. she’s incredibly beautiful that makes all the flowers to bloom. she’s amazing. she may not be mine but one day, honey, she’d be. one day. one day. maybe one day. 

-Khushi 💛

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The dark clouds linger in the sky.

The rain is about to cry.

The fate has been written.

The worst is yet to be smitten.

The sun has set in the west.

Darkness has worn its dress.

So here am I standing alone in the dark

Waiting for the destiny to bark.

I wait.

I shiver.

My mind quivers.

My soul dithers.

I sit alone and hold.

Smiling, I retire back.

Because I’ve realised

Darkness is my destiny.

Darkness is my life.

I belong here. 



My eyes are closed, my head is panging, my heart is pumping heavily, I’m tired but jaded of nothing😂. I lay in my bed at one in the morning waiting for my body to slumber but my mind is flooded with plenty of thoughts. I twist and turn, change positions, take a drink but amongst those plethora of decisions that are pending in my mind, there is a war going between my fragile heart and not so astute brain-Khushi 💛


She reminds me of home. 

I love the way that she is so warm and fits perfectly. 

I love the way she smothers me with cuddles. 

I love the way her soft lips meet mine and sparks engulf my body. 

I love the way that my any joke brings tears to her eyes. 

I love the way that my every compliment makes her blush. 

I love the way I love her. 

I love the way she loves me. 

And that’s when I realized that 

She is my home. 

-Khushi 💛
Also I had Hershey’s chocolate today, omg it was like 😍😍😍😍😍😍 love at first sight 😂😍💛🍭🍩


I covered my face because I know what’s gonna come next. 

A thunderous slap or maybe a punch. 

I covered my ears because I know what’s gonna come next. 

“I’m worthless.”

“I don’t deserve to live.”

I covered my eyes because I know what’s gonna come next. 

The face of the person who tortures me. 

The person who I thought was awesome 

Buy you know my fate was gruesome. 

I covered my mouth because I know what’s gonna come next. 

The high pitched screams from my mouth. 

The anger filled cries. 

I’ve covered my wrist with a knife because I know what’s gonna come next. 

The end. 

-Khushi 💛

I know it’s really depressing😂 but I was in a mood to write something like that. 

also I had this really awesome candy and I managed to click a photo of it before eating this 😂 so shout-out to this amazing candy or whatever it is 😂


The abuse. 

Making my body a juice. 

The emotional one

Making me fall apart. 

The physical one

Getting me a busted lip every night. 

And of course the mental one

Converting me into a dolt. 

Giving my body a jolt. 

The abuse. 

Those belt lashes. 

Those slaps. 

That physical violence 

That mental torture. 


Let me breathe. 

Let me breathe. 






I was a strolling down the street on a cold deserted night, with my favorite playlist on queue. Even though I was alone I was happy. I was satisfied. The beautiful music blocked every soul from me making me rush down the memory lane. I tried ignoring them and was successful. I felt satisfied. I walked, walked and walked, running from a street to a different one, which made me discover the path of joy and paradise. When I realized that nothing is left, I stopped running, took a deep breath and felt that something heavy has left my over burdened shoulders.

I was ecstatic to know that it’s finally over.

-Khushi xx